Quality Assurance

In-house Inspection/Test Equipment

TGMF has invested in a state-of-the-art X-Ray (XDV-SDD) Spectrometer to conduct stringent inspections in-house.

  • Highly-accurate with good detection sensitivity
  • Able to analyse very thin coatings
  • Conduct trace analysis
  • Able to analyse metal composition
  • Carry out automated measurements for quality controls
  • RoHs Directives-compliant and able to detect up to 24 elements in a range from aluminum (13) to uranium (92) simultaneously


Management Team

Dedicated People

Each key management personnel with at least 20 years’ experience – management, technical know-how, experiential knowledge – are committed to competent delivery of service and products. There is an inherent capacity to provide consultancy for kick-starts and subsequent executions

Continuous training

Constant training in both soft and hard skills to ensure continuous improvement in its personnel, thus imbuing a dynamism in the work environment that is both functional, creative and effective. All this to deliver the ultimate satisfaction to clients